The Different Questions To Ask An Orlando Personal Injury Attorney After A Slip And Fall Accident

In the correct context, taking a slip or tumble in Orlando FL can be quite amusing. In fact, many of the funniest films on the internet involve people falling on their faces and potentially experiencing severe injuries. Of course, the thought of injury is not considered when watching the fall; at that time all that matters is the humor factor. In many cases, nobody is harmed or a small sprain is experienced, but there are cases where a person can be severely injured.

Injury situations can occur in almost any public or private setting. While they are generally non-intentional, there are cases where the injury is caused by intention or neglect. In cases where you are injured to the extent where you would like to claim compensation for the injury, it is recommended you hire a Orlando personal injury attorney. This article will provide information on the different questions to ask a personal injury lawyer after a slip and fall accident.

1. Was My Injury Bad Enough To Consider Filing A Lawsuit?

Slip and fall accidents are typically considered minor accidents resulting in minor injuries, such as an ankle sprain. In the case of a minor injury, it is not always necessary for the person to need medical attention or miss more than one day of work. Taking this into account, the injury is not bad enough to consider contacting a personal injury lawyer or filing a lawsuit.

If the slip and fall accident did result in a need to seek medical attention, a litigator through Orlando Accident Injury Law may be more willing to review your case. The majority of these claims are based on a combination of personal income, medical expenses and physical pain; therefore, it is important that you can show a challenge to each or all of these issues. Slip and falls that result in medical expenses have a greater chance of claiming compensation than a bruise or sprain.

2. Can Negligence Be Proved?

The second question to ask revolves around the issue of negligence and its contribution to the accident. This question can be difficult to answer or, rather, will take time to answer as the attorney needs to carefully review a case before providing a professional opinion.

If there is a sign of negligence, the lawsuit will have a high chance of success; however, it is necessary for the personal injury attorney in Orlando FL to demonstrate that the defendant was aware of the issue that caused the accident but did not address it. This can be difficult and can take time.

3. What Is Your Success Rate Regarding Similar Cases?

Whenever hiring an attorney, it is important that you first conduct an interview to determine whether they have experience with similar cases and a success rate with settlements in similar cases. While this may be blunt, it is recommended that you ask direct questions above their record regarding wins and case losses. Inquire about recent cases, the outcomes, settlements and any damages.

4. How Long Will Lawsuits Take To Settle?

Unfortunately, attorneys are not able to provide a set deadline or timeline of when the lawsuit can settle – be cautious of those that do; however, it is possible for lawyers to provide an estimation of the timeline after examining the facts of the case. This should be possible based on previous experience of similar lawsuits. The average time a lawsuit can take to settle can range from months to years because cases will always involve lengthy negotiations between lawyers and insurance companies, like Liberty Mutual , Statefarm, Nationwide and AllState.

5. Will Complications Arise During The Lawsuit?

Slip and fall accidents can range from the average to the obscure, meaning there is room for unexpected complications to arise. As a plaintiff, it is essential that you know from the beginning whether the claim can be complicated and problematic.